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Ronni Kot Percussion Group (RKPG) is centered around the internationally renown percussionist Ronni Kot Wenzell. His musical career goes from The Danish Royal Ballet to concerts for NIKE (Los Angeles), AUDI (Germany), Formula One (Shanghai), world tours and solo with several symphony orchestras and CD recordings for SONY Music and EMI Classics.

Ronni Kot Wenzell was invited to Rio de Janeiro as a guest professor at Conservatório Brasileiro de Música and during his presense in Brazil, he created RKPG with a new popular and alternative music style. RKPG has already more than 3500 fans in a few months, obtained attention from important media in Brazil like Época Globo, sponsored by the biggest percussion manufacturers in the world and won an award from Lions Club International for the innovative instruments and music.

RKPG plays percussion with many different twists such as pop, jazz, samba and show performances, and uses a fascinating variety of instruments, ranging from traditional drums, cymbals and mallet instruments to unconventional instruments from recyclable materials like trash cans, ladders etc. But the most important thing for RKPG is to promote music and percussion by giving the audience a fun and great experience with a lot of fascinating speed, entertainment, lots of energy and excitement for every single show!

“Oooomg tooooooooop! This is nuts. And so awesome. Love these guys already!”

“Guys, I'm so freaked out by your drumming!! It's awesome!!”

“Whoa!!! This is freaking awesome! Love it!!”

“This is a completely new level of drumming!!!”



Ronni Kot, soloist (Denmark)

    Marcio Gomes (Brazil)

      Fia Forslund (Sweden)

        Vicente Pinheiro (Brazil)










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